The importance of capturing memories…

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I have always been that friend who takes photos. After a night out with the girls I would always have a camera full of the night before and I loved lying in bed the next morning with my best friend laughing and looking back over them.  

I love photos. I have albums and albums (much to my mum’s annoyance) stored at my parents’ house of hundreds if not thousands of photographs that I will never throw away. Photographs of Christmases, birthdays, holidays, weddings, nights out and time spent with family. I have spent hours with my parents looking back over their old photos of their lives before me and I love finding out who they were when they were growing up. I also have folders of cd’s full of memories that I love looking back over. It’s my history. Those moments and those faces, who may or may not be around still today, are what made me Claire. However much or little, they shaped the person that I am.

I am really interested in how we relate to photographs and how they can act as a type of memory storage system. When you look at them they recall who you were with, what you were doing and where that memory was made, a type of autobiographical memory and details that you may have even forgotten had occurred. Photographs of memories connect us to one another and encourage conversation, they tap into the feelings that you felt at that time in your life. For me personally photographs are comforting and even if I miss the person in the photograph they always cause me to smile. Whether this be for the love of the face looking back at me, the circumstances in which the photograph was taken or generally in my case the hilarity of the outfit and hairstyles I went through as a child (!).  

When I look at the photograph that I have featured for this blog it is not perfect from a composition point of view, it’s cheesy and stereotypical and the quality isn’t great as it was taken on a mobile (sorry, how unprofessional!) but I LOVE it! It evokes feelings of one very specific moment of ‘Oh my god, we’re actually here…’ and then the amazing trip that followed. I remember the years of anticipation, the moment we got picked up from the airport in a limo as a surprise, flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter before having a champagne lunch in the middle of it, dancing to Calvin Harris at 4am whilst dollar bills fell from the ceiling, laughing with my friends, crying from laughing with my friends, hungover McDonalds meals…and all from this one photograph.

Now in the era of digital photography printing photographs is becoming a lost habit and people rarely look at photos unless on a screen. Each year I make the effort to put together a photobook documenting the year we’ve just had because hopefully one day I can sit down with my kids and show them their history and how they came to be.   

And so finally, whether with an IPhone, digital camera or with the help of a professional photographer my urge is to make the effort to capture your memories as you only get them once. If I can be of any assistance in helping you and your family in creating photographs for you to look back on and smile, please get in contact. No question too silly, no request too small or large. It would be my absolute pleasure to help.

But for now, thanks for reading…



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